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Fran Tarkenton and Small Business

Fran Tarkenton has founded 15 successful businesses during his 40-year career as a self-described serial entrepreneur. An NFL Hall of Famer and former quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings and New York Giants, Fran has spent his post-football years as the driver behind a long list of entrepreneurial initiatives in a range of industries, from software development to direct response advertising. After the sale of his company KnowledgeWare to Sterling Software in 1994, Fran set out to develop an organization that could bring entrepreneurs like himself all the resources they’d need to thrive in today’s highly competitive marketplace. The result was the Fran Tarkenton Small Business Network, later renamed when we took our services online.

Today, the GoSmallBiz family has grown to include more than 52,000 active members all over North America and remains one of the most trafficked small business sites on the Web. Throughout our growth, our mission has remained the same: To help entrepreneurs manage and grow their businesses by providing access to a comprehensive body of knowledge and resources designed specifically for micro business. Along with a set of user-friendly business tools and vast libraries of instructional content, GoSmallBiz members get 24-7 access to highly experienced consultants specializing in nearly every facet of business, including taxes and accounting, marketing and public relations, human resources and much more. For more information visit

Since its inception, GoSmallBiz has responded to every question asked by members about running their businesses through our premiere service, Ask Your Question. The goal of Ask Your Question is to provide access to highly experienced business professionals, who offer facts, informed opinions, reference materials and additional sources of information to help our members make important decisions about their businesses. We don't make the decisions for them, but we do offer valuable insight to guide them to a decision that works for their business.

Lodestar Technology Labs, LLC was founded in 2007 to undertake key technological and software initiatives that would help a small business person find one more customer and then help them manage their administrative tasks more efficiently. Lodestar has spent nearly three years developing its first all-in-one suite of software applications for managing and developing a small business: The MasterSuite.

The new software suite includes nine (9) web-based applications and one desktop program, each designed to support and streamline a range of functions at any small business. Whether there are important administrative documents to draft or a database of employee information to organize, our software relieves small staffs of many of the time-consuming logistical burdens that come with running an independent small enterprise.

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Content and Research for Small Business

The Tarkenton Institute was formed to support the entrepreneurial pioneers who fuel most of our economic growth. Through research, observation and the ability to listen, our writers and editors create content that will help that pioneer succeed.


Rebrand and Reboot our Q&A service

The Tarkenton Institute employs experienced professionals to respond directly to questions posed by small business owners. These professionals have all run a small business and each brings expertise in their own particular discipline, from technology to marketing to accounting. Read more...


Working on Behalf of the American Entrepreneur

The Tarkenton institute will be an advocate for the “Micro-Enterprise”. While these small enterprises include a majority of business enterprises, they have had very little representation among those who set policy. Click here to read more about the Small Business Party.

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