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Guide: Introducing MasterSuite Apprentice

Flip through the pages below or click the image to launch a full screen version of the MasterSuite Apprentice Media Guide (courtesy You can also download the complete PDF document by clicking here.

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The Tarkenton Institute has partnered with the Association of College Business Schools & Programs (ACBSP), a national network of colleges and universities, to develop higher learning business education initiatives that bring modern technology into the classroom.

The primary goal of these initiatives is to facilitate real world exercises in business administration by integrating Lodestar Technology Labs’ business solutions into a simulation-based learning environment.

MasterSuite: Apprentice

In fall 2010, The Tarkenton Institute is set to launch MasterSuite: Apprentice, a student version of Lodestar Technology Labs' suite of SaaS productivity applications (The Small Business MasterSuite), for use as a simulation tool for business classes and administrative training courses.

MasterSuite: Apprentice is a unique education platform that integrates state-of-the-art technology solutions from Tarkenton Institutes’ sister company, Lodestar Technology Labs, with comprehensive course curricula developed by some of the nation’s most experienced educators in business administration. The fully hosted solution allows teachers and students to interface at a single point of access, ensuring a streamlined education experience that maximizes the efficient delivery of assignments, grades and collaborative communications.

To find out more about the MasterSuite Apprentice program, flip through the electronic version (right, courtesy of or contact us at






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The Tarkenton Institute employs experienced professionals to respond directly to questions posed by small business owners. These professionals have all run a small business and each brings expertise in their own particular discipline, from technology to marketing to accounting.


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The Tarkenton institute is an advocate for the American “Micro-Enterprise”. While these small enterprises include a majority of business enterprises, they have had very little representation among those who determine policy. Click here to read more about the Tarkenton Institute's views on small business public policy.

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