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Meet Some of Our Consultants
And their Respective Areas of Expertise

Rick Gossett
Accounting & Business Practices

The original Tarkenton Institute consultant, Rick was there to answer the first questions that rolled through when the service was launched in 1996 via the membership portal  Rick, a CPA/MBA, spent 14 years in public accounting, managing Earnst & Young's small business tax practice before spending three years as sole practitioner focused primarily on small business clients.

Rick teamed up with Fran Tarkenton in 1988, and together they have committed themselves to building solutions for small businesses — from TI's 15-year-old consulting service to Lodestar Technology Labs' new productivity software. . A jack of all trades, Rick splits his time between developing corporate strategy, architecting many of Lodestar's Webapps and continuing to respond to member questions.

Bill Wortman
Business Management & Finance

Bill has been a member of our consulting team since February 2002; he took on the role of Lead Consultantand in 2004. His 39+ years of business experience spans various industries as a CPA, CFO and entrepreneur.

Since starting with a Big-8 public accounting firm, Bill has been CFO of companies in consumer finance (NYSE), commercial finance (NYSE), life insurance (NYSE), auto parts manufacturing (private), fast food franchising (NASDAQA), charter aviation (AMEX) and commercial real estate (AMEX). He has also been a partner and general manager of a new car dealership and a principal in a residential real estate operation.

Brian Rooney
Tax & Accounting

Brian is an accounting and tax specialist with more than 23 years of experience in the accounting and tax industry.  He first joined the Tarkenton Team as a consultant for the GoSmallBiz 'Ask Your Question' service in 2003 after a 12-year stint managing a successful tax and accounting practice as a sole practitioner serving small business, fiduciary and individual clients.

Brian's background also includes managing the finances and operations of an outsourced training management start-up and working on a consultative basis with financial service companies like First Bank, Household Finance, Allstate and another start-up, CFOAmerica.

Our Experts

Our team of professional business consultants come from a broad spectrum of backgrounds. Subscribers to our small business consulting service enjoy 24-7 email access to a highly experienced consulting team that includes a former sales director for a large retail operation; a financial consultant with extensive small business experience; a CPA/MBA and CFO of a major publicly held company; a technology expert who has worked with numerous Fortune 500 companies; and many more.

How does it work?

Small business subscribers are given access to a database of thousands of questions (and answers) asked by previous members throughout the 14-year history of the service. If they've got a question about their own business, all they have to do is log in to their account, fill out a brief form with any pertinent information to their query, and our Consultants will respond in no more than 2 business days.

Our consultants have answered every question submitted by our subscribers with a unique, well-researched and reviewed response for more than 14 years. Want to see examples of the types of responses our consultants provide? Email us or submit a request using the form below.


Founded by NFL Hall of Fame legend and self-described serial entrepreneur Fran Tarkenton, The Tarkenton Institute for Entrepreneurial Development is made up of a national network of business and technology experts who provide a broad range of services to small business customers, primarily through third-party partner Web portals.

The Institute licenses the service to sister companies GoSmallBiz and Lodestar Technology Labs, where it is white labeled 'Ask Your Question' and 'The SmallBiz Wizards,' respectively.

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To find out how you can white label our consulting services for your small business customers, contact the Tarkenton Institute or complete the form below and a member of our team will reply within two business days.