About the Tarkenton Institute

About Lodestar Technology Labs

Lodestar Technology Labs, LLC, The Creator of the MasterSuite family of on-demand software apps for small business. In 2006, Fran expanded the scope of Tarkenton Companies’ software development initiatives with the creation of Lodestar Technology Labs, LLC, a national provider of Software as a Service (SaaS, also: Software On-Demand), with a primary focus on Internet-based productivity applications for the small business market.

Lodestar Labs’ software products are designed to support and streamline a range of functions for small business, from administrative document creation to employee database management and cutting-edge DIY Website design.

Lodestar’s mission is to reduce infrastructure costs for end-user businesses by delivering almost all of its products via the Internet using a subscription-based pricing model. The long-term benefit to the end-user lies in the resultant reassignment of business software as a variable expense (purchased on demand), rather than a fixed cost at the time of initial purchase.

Through an affordable monthly subscription, small business owners and their employees gain access to almost any combination of our software apps with no fees for product installation, upgrades or technical support. Visit MasterSuiteApps.com to learn more about our products.

Lodestar Labs’ complete catalog of software products and services, including the original MasterSuite, is available for purchase under the trademark The Small Business MasterSuite at www.mastersuiteapps.com.


The Tarkenton Institute is a privately funded research and advocacy organization with a focus on American businesses with fewer than 100 employees. The Institute offers three primary services: 1) Syndication of business and financial-related editorial content and research to Web-based companies that cater to the small business marketplace; 2) College level education programs that integrate cutting edge business technologies into simulation-based course curricula; and 3) 24-7 electronic business consulting services, through which paying subscribers can submit any question about their business to a national network of consultants who research and reply to each question within 2 business days.

Since the creation of GoSmallBiz in 1996, Tarkenton Institute founder Fran Tarkenton has focused his professional energy on helping entrepreneurs across North America access an extensive catalog of tools and resources designed to help them thrive in today’s competitive marketplace.





Content and Research for Small Business

The Tarkenton Institute was formed to support the entrepreneurial pioneers who, it's our belief, fuel much of our economic growth. Through research, observation and the ability to listen, our writers and editors create content that — at its very core — is designed to help entrepreneurs thrive and grow. Read more...


Rebrand and Reboot Our Services

The Tarkenton Institute employs experienced professionals to respond directly to questions posed by small business owners. These professionals have all run a small business and each brings expertise in their own particular discipline, from technology to marketing to accounting.


For the American Entrepreneur

The Tarkenton institute is an advocate for the American “Micro-Enterprise”. While these small enterprises include a majority of business enterprises, they have had very little representation among those who determine policy. Click here to read more about the Tarkenton Institute's views on small business public policy.

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